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When we found out that the World Cup Qatar 2015 organisation offered the qualified countries 10 spots, tickets and stay all paid for, in order to cover the ecumenical tournament, we just knew that we were upon a unique moment in the history of world cups. We also understood that human myseries were likely to appear before this highly precious loot.


We had searched through posibilities to travel to the WC by our own means, an option that was quickly discarded as soon as we had the amounts at hand: at least $70.000.

 When the CAH designated the ten argentinian members of the crew, we thought that those decisions had been all correct, we agreed on eight spots and of course we were delighted to know that our web site photographer and friend Germán Páez had also been chosen.GP-EG

 Then the initial list of ten started to grow, and our web site was not receiving any proposals at all, we were very surprised. Not because we think we are better than anyone, but because we truly believe in our valuable contribution and we are constantly told so, day in and out, by our followers.

 For the past five years we have been following up the gladiators. We remind you: Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Spain (we cooperated with Handbol de Primera in Guadalajara and London)… We were the only media offering interviews with them, even giving out t-shirts to every Gladiator and other ones to ruffle among the viewers thanks to our sponsor Go7. We were also there when our local players silently prepared the Odesur Games and no other media was telling you that. We traveled the country showing you handball venues and teams that no other media showed you.

Journalists like Jorge Dargel from Marca newspaper, Spain, coaches from different countries like Valero Rivera and Dioni Quelle, and foreign players like Felipe Borges and Adrián Sifré among others wrote articles on our web site.

We averaged 100 daily visits and had peaks between 2500 and 3000. Yet, it seems we do not meet the target.

 When some names started ringing here and there, we wrote a note to “Prensa de la CAH” in a quite respectful way in order to see if we were taken into account and also requesting the list with those names and the tasks they were fullfilling. The answer wasn´t in my opinion what we requested and on top of that, there wasn´t  any room for us.

 At the same time, a bunch of angry people had intentions to generate a “fire- raiser” movement of opinion, in order to bring to light some shady dealings. Today, some of those that wanted to “set the fire” are on the travel list . From the organisation, word spread that “the list was already closed”; but names -and spots on the list- were then added up.

CanelonesToday, we can say that we are cutting of the “fav”, “rt”, “like” and “share” we used to do as a favour. We support the production of “Superhandball de Primera”, we wish Germán, Hernán, Teo and Gastón the best, may they do a great job, and we will be posting all their productions.

We also wish The Gladiators and coaches the best. We will be watching  the World Cup with good friends and family.

Like the great “Tato Bores”, one of the greatest argentinian comedians, used to say: “Vermouth con papas fritas y good show!” (“A good drink, a snack and good show”!)

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